The InfusAir Wine Aerator Will ROCK YOUR WORLD!!


The InfusAir Wine Aerator will absolutely blow your mind.  We have tested this device on hundreds of serious wine enthusiasts and, to a person, they have all been absolutely astounded by it's performance.  At first glance you realize that it is not just a work of art, it is vastly more effective than anything else you have ever tried.  In 3-5 seconds, you can aerate an entire bottle of wine simply and elegantly.

The InfusAir mellows out tannins and ignites an explosion of flavor almost instantly.  Try it on a $10 bottle of wine.  You'll swear you're drinking something two or even three times the cost... and while the price is higher than other aeration devices, the InfusAir leaves virtually every other product miles behind.  It really is that amazing!  We have demonstrated InfusAir to some of the most high profile wine experts in the world and they were believers instantly.  You will be, too.  And we'd like to add that the quality of this product is astonishing.  Made in America with the finest materials under the constant supervision of a renowned aerospace engineer responsible for many innovations aboard the International Space Station.


InfusAir marries serious technology to brilliantly conceived simplicity... but there's a great deal of innovation inside the sleek housing.  To operate, place the InfusAir rod into your wine bottle and allow the collar to rest on the bottle's neck. Squeezing the handle charges the device, letting go of the handle releases the air through millions of microscopic holes in our proprietary infusion rod.  Microscopic bubbles of air immediately transform your wine, elevating it to peak potential.  THIS IS NOT A GIMMICK!  We assure you, you will never enjoy wine without your InfusAir ever again, once you've experienced how dramatically it can elevate the taste.

Two to three pumps is appropriate for light bodied reds and barrel-aged whites. Four to five pumps is a good baseline for medium bodied red wines. Six to seven squeezes will turn an edgy red into an IRON FIST IN A VELVET GLOVE.

You'll master the use of InfusAir in no time.  Start with just a few pumps, test the wine, then give the wine a few more pumps if necessary and retest. After a few bottles, the amount of air necessary will become nearly instinctive. Remember, because the InfusAir generates an enormous amount of microscopic bubbles, it's superiority over conventional pour-through aerators that generate large, clunky, inefficient bubbles is virtually night and day. 

 The InfusAir is the undisputed champion of wine aeration; delivering  unprecedented control and efficiency. 

  • Peerless micro-aeration using medical grade materials

  • The only aeration device to provide complete control over the amount of air added to the wine.

  • Vary the amount of oxygen added to the wine based upon critical factors such as the wine’s age and varietal

  • Aeration takes place in the bottle without decanting

  • No batteries or AC power required

  • No expensive air cartridges

  • Sleek, elegant design that performs perfectly, regardless of bottle shape or enclosure.  It is also an elegant showpiece.

  • Aerate an entire bottle in seconds

  • Precise aeration with no mess and no waiting

  • Designed for the ability to aerate in stages, eliminating the possibility of over-kill or damage to the wine

  • Original concept by David Wilson, Host of America’s leading wine show, Grape Encounters Radio.


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